Choosing Good Student Resume 2017

Constructing a resume that will stand out is what people want because they can able to impress the reader. If you are curious on how to write a resume 2017, here are guidelines to follow. It helps you to be accepted.

Tips in Writing College Students Resume 2017

To have a good student resume 2017, this page will present what are things you should know want and what you need to avoid. A sample professional resume will get more chance to be chosen instead of those resume that are crafted without professionalism.

student resume 2016

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  • Cluttered and disorganized resume: Many students do not take into consideration that format or the organization of their resume. In writing, it is essential to ensure that the details are not cluttered and disorganized because you will just disappoint the reader.
  • Too much information: Before, you can include some information that will impress the employer but for now, you need to ensure that the details you are including are relevant to the job or to what you are applying. For students, they will not have much information to include since they do not have much experience. With this, think of good information to include like extracurricular activities, outreach program and do not include any hobbies like singing unless it is related to what you are applying.
  • Using decoration is nice: Since technology is evolving as well as the taste of employers, you can include some decorations in your resume like graphs or charts. You can use infographic if you want but you need to avoid excessive decoration because it is not pleasant and appealing.

“Sue Campbell, a professional resume writer and president of, says that a summary of your top qualifications is often more effective than an objective statement. This is particularly true if your career goal is undefined. “I don’t recommend writing a vague objective, because it will typically focus on what the job seeker wants, which is usually of no consequence to the person making the hiring decision,” says Robyn Feldberg, a certified career management coach and owner of Abundant Success Career Services. “Instead of an objective, I recommend that students format a profile section that clearly gives the reader a picture of the value they offer a potential employer.” Keep your summary brief – a few hard-hitting sentences are perfect”

Current Example of College Student Resume 2017

  • Infographic resume: Since you are a college student, maybe you do not have much experience. With that in mind, it is okay when you only sections like personal information, skills, education, other activities and references.
  • Simple resume: If you want to present a simple resume that is catchy, try to use some colors with headings such as personal information, position, education, skills and awards.

Start to write your college students resume 2017 today! Time is very important and you should use it wisely.