Best Resumes 2017 Than Can Help

There are the best resumes including resume for web design 2017 that can help you in writing and knowing it is a nice opportunity because you will learn how effective and non-effective resumes look like. Here is a good sample professional resume and a bad example.

Best Resumes 2017 Samples

“It has to be simple. No more than two pages. The average résumé gets read in 10 seconds. Be sure the content is on a level any high school senior could understand. In other words, the person looking at your résumé should be able to easily understand exactly who you have worked for and what that company does” Forbes

It is difficult to write best resumes 2017 especially when you do not know what you should do. If you want to know an effective resume that you can follow, here is an excellent sample that you need to read to gain ideas.

Me You

123 Graham, California


Professional profile:

  • With more than 15 years of experience in supporting and providing administrative support to over 50 staff members of the company
  • Organize meetings, implement office processes, supervise staff and manage inventory
  • Possess excellent multi tasking skills

Professional experience:

YYY Company


Manager August 1999 up to present

  • Organized some office functions and prepare daily operations
  • Manage date as well as developed good paperless environment
  • Trained new 10 employees for initial support


California State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Noneffective resume

This is one of the non-effective resume that job seekers are doing. They have too long personal profile, which will only waste the time of the employer.

Shane Garcia

123 Graham California


A person with good communicating skills, willing to learn more if given a chance to become a part of your company and willing to learn new projects and skills that I still need to acquire. Good knowledge about MS office and other software systems. Deal with pressure confidently and able to solve problems all the time.

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Qualifications

If you will analyze, you will see that in the summary sections, the information is too long and you need to avoid it because it is not pleasant to read. Employers will not have much time in reading your resume that is why it is better to use bullet points and bold headings. Aside from this, there are effective and best resume templates 2017 online.

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It is better to check the templates to know what template you want to use. Samples and making a good research will help you in writing.